Upskill Your Team - Linkedin and Social Media training for executives

Upskill Your Team

This is the perfect time to upskill ourselves and our teams, and get ready for the challenging wave of Social Media. Why challenging? Over the past 5 years we've seen incredible change in the way the media works, in the way people communicate, whether internally or externally, the way people think of their employment and careers. Next year will be no different. Numerous recent studies point to the increasing importance of social media for business including that from McKinsey which predicted social business in 2013 to reach $1.3 Trillion, in annual value.

KINSHIP brings to you two timely offers to help you to benefit from social:


LinkedIn Training for Executives and Teams

Social Media Training for Executives and Teams

Who should attend?

Sales, Marketing, and Human Resources Teams, wishing to expand their leverage of this fantastic tool.

Who should attend?

Managers and leadership teams wishing to get a firmer understanding of the benefits and risks of social media for business and professional development objectives

Why you should care?

“I have recognised for some time that Linkedin is an excellent business tool but was not certain how it could be used to establish connections with clients and colleagues, which was how I wanted to use it for my business - Conference Call. I asked Clifford Rosenberg, MD at LinkedIn - whom I know socially - who he would recommend to train my colleagues and me and he strongly recommended Raz.

I am delighted to say that Raz was definitely the right choice. From the outset he kept in touch with relevant information and we finally used his training service last week. He really opened our minds to how we can use LinkedIn as a toolbox for many options and his delivery was informative and entertaining. He uses many personal anecdotes to back up his delivery and get his message through. His follow through has also been excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend Raz to any company considering LinkedIn training and will definitely use his service again for digital marketing training.” Ilana Den

Why you should care?

Social business is one of the three major waves of business transformation (along with mobile and cloud computing). You will come away with a desire to know more about how to drive Maximum Business Value from Social Media for your organisation and your career.


"Walter delivered a 2 1/2 hour social media training session focusing on PR/Marketing to demonstrate how social media can help us in PR and Marketing. We now have lots to think about like resourcing and processes. Thank you." November 16, 2012 Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value Jolanda Zerbst, VicRoads




What you will learn?

  • What is LinkedIn?
  • How to set up an effective profile.
  • Etiquette - what's is acceptable online behaviour
  • Groups - joining, participating, or starting your own?
  • Answers - One of the largest business knowledge databases
  • Applications - what are they, and how should you use them?
  • Business Development tips
  • How to use LinkedIn as personal mini -CRM
  • Following Companies
  • How to set up a company profile
  • Recruitment tools, talent management and job posting
  • Free Vs. Premium account
  • LinkedIn Mobile
  • Daily routine - avoiding the time-sink.




What you will learn?

Part 1

  • CEOs - to social or not to social?
  • Discussion - how your peers see and use social
  • How to think about social - and not get bogged down in the detail
  • Social is Serious Business - learn why you ignore it at your peril
  • When your peers become social savvy - how about you, how will you participate in their discussions?
  • Interpreting Twitter - basics, know what it is about and why it is so powerful
  • Demonstration and Live Examples - witness the strengths, and exposures

Part 2

  • Social Network Fundamentals - more on how to think about it in a business-like model
  • Let's Talk Twitter
  • Is Twitter for Every Business?
  • The New PR
  • The Social Media Press Release
  • Organizational Challenges

Part 3

  • Social Media Presence - a mega asset
  • Social Customer Service
  • When Social goes Wrong
  • Social media monitoring - the value of social inteliigence
  • Social Architecture - what it is and why it is so important
  • Social Trust and HR
  • How Buzz and Awareness campaigns work

You will learn why social is a serious business, why it is not going away, how to think about social in perspective, how social changes PR, marketing, internal communications and trust, and how you can best use it.

Parts and content can be tailored for your organisational and personal needs and level of experience.

Raz Chorez iGo2 Group

Walter Adamson iGo2 Group

Investment. $3500 plus GST for classroom or workshop face-to-face training.

Investment. $4500 plus GST for classroom or workshop face-to-face training. For training by webinar $3,500 plus GST.

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