Social Business - The Future of Work Series

In this 11 part blog series, Jeremy Scrivens tells the story of Blue Water Utility as it is transforms from a traditional single Enterprise managing in part to a global Social Business engaged with its Ecosystem in Wholeness for Social Good. Jeremy explores how this 160 year old institution experienced a taste of the Future of Work where the parts are brought back together to experience wholeness, engaging more and more strengths across the full ecosystem to do Open Business together. Blue Water invested in a first-up series of Appreciative Inquiry Summits - a powerful experience of Positive Disruption and Open Innovation which created a ‘startup’ co-creative community collaborating from the Whole. By so doing, Blue Water began the journey to becoming a Social Business.

Social Business connects and engages more talents and strengths to collaborate to do more with more at scale; it brings more parts of the whole together to co-design a better future. The more strengths that are connected into the conversation, the more innovation for social good is possible.

We now have the advent of macro, open, holistic technologies such as Appreciative Inquiry (AI) and Enterprise Social Network Technologies such as IBM Verse which makes collaboration at scale both possible and sustainable. Underpinning everything in a growing Social Business with global impact is a Positive Social Culture, where members are engaged intrinsically from the heart to contribute all their hands, their head and their heart for social good; to share, to give and treat other kindly and with respect online in the new age of Social Business - the Future of Work. 

Future of Work Blog Post Series by Jeremy Scrivens

Part 1 - The Shift in Consciousness from Enterprise Silos to Ecosystem Wholeness
Part 2 - Open Innovation at Scale - Connecting Strengths of the Whole Organisation
Part 3 - How the Future of Work is Designed from an Abundance Mindset
Part 4 - Business as a Community of Purpose and Belonging
Part 5 - Social Technologies Designed for Whole of Life
Part 6 - IBM Verse - "Whole of Life" social technology for the Future of Work
Part 7 - The Future of Work is Gen G, Already Wired to Care and Share through Wholeness
Part 8 - How Positive Social Culture Designed by Intrinsic Motivation Drives Future of Work
Part 9 - The Future of Work is enabled by a Positive Social Culture designed for Open Business on an Abundance Mindset
Part 10 - A Positive Social Culture enacted by a Co-designed Social Collaboration Code
Part 11 - The Future of Work at Scale - Summary of Core Themes


Jeremy Scrivens is a Guest Blogger, Work Futurist, and Principal of The Emotional Economy at Work and a collaboration partner with Kinship around Social Business. Jeremy works with us at Kinship to design Positive Social Business Cultures to assist our clients to capitalise on the incredible new social technologies and global opportunities available for collaboration, business growth, sustainability and meaning. He is also a global player on Social Media, with a growing reputation as a thought leader and consultant on the future of work in the digital Age. @JeremyScrivens Connect on Linkedin.