Social Business is Important

When you inspire your workforce to innovate and collaborate, you create tangible business value.

We pride ourselves on leading our clients through the social business journey to empower their people, nurture collaboration and innovation to transform into a successful social business.

At KINSHIP enterprise, we offer a variety of smart services, frameworks and processes that help you enable your business with social.

To call yourself a social business, you need to:

  • Know exactly how your people feel about your policies, programs and plans
  • Know how to improve innovation through Social technology – and be doing it
  • Know how to develop a responsible and empowering social policy – and be using it
  • Understand that social is NOT just a marketing initiative
  • Increase your bottom line through successful adoption of social technologies
  • Understand how to recruit, retain and engage your employees through social

If this check-list looks more like a wish-list to you, call us today [links to contact page] or see our services below.

Social Business Strategy

We can help you formulate your corporate social strategy and policy, designed to meet your business objectives and requirements. Our client strategies are devised to help you take the quickest, simplest path to social business success.

Thousands of large businesses now use social technology to identify, engage and retain prospects, employees and customers. 

KINSHIP enterprise’s social business strategies deliver real, tangible business results in line with the organisation’s strategic business goals, including: 

  • reduce organisational operational costs
  • increase employee efficiency, productivity and channel mind share
  • accelerate sales conversion and increased sales growth
  • better market insight, shared throughout the entire organisation
  • improved employee satisfaction and engagement
KINSHIP enterprise has designed a tailored approach to deliver you a social business strategy that will set you on a journey to:
  • scope and adopt social technologies for productive communication and collaboration
  • understand social media will accelerate the achievement of your business goals 
  • evolve organizational and individual usage patterns and behaviours towards greater collaboration and innovation
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Enterprise Social Networks

We help you scope, install the most ideal solution for you. But more than that, we hold clients’ hands through the change process, with training, communications plans and support for organisation-wide adoption.

The social ecosystem has extended way beyond Facebook and Twitter to industry-lead communities and forums as well as social networks that are managed and owned by organisations.

As Enterprise Social Networks gain wider acceptance among innovative enterprises, C-level executives are realising the benefits of improved collaboration, knowledge-sharing and communication.

The key benefits of Enterprise Social Networks (ESNs) appeal to C-level priorities in today’s economy:

1. Business Innovation and Growth

In today’s economy, it’s grow or die. ESNs are centralised forums that enable employees to collaborate, share knowledge, share ideas and augment IP easily – right across the organisation. 

ESNs therefore help your people to make better-informed decisions, to innovate products and services, improve processes and efficiencies, gain greater insights through listening and following. 

KINSHIP enterprise has delivered these benefits and more to large organisations across the Asia-Pacific region

2. People Attraction, Retention and Productivity 

Using an effective ESN, you can fix knowledge gaps quickly and communicate important information immediately in a format that is engaging and relevant to your employees. You can reduce unnecessary meetings, increase responsiveness, leverage employee feedback and measure employee sentiment, share and capture key information for future success and more.

The result: an empowering, communicative culture that translates into employee achievement and progression. What more would any good candidate want? 

3. Cost Reduction 

ESN’s are shown now to reduce R&D expenses and consulting costs, reduce the time wasted by employees searching for the right information, reduction of opportunity costs associated with wasted time on information gathering and more. Meanwhile, productivity, innovation through collaboration and engagement of your employees is soaring. 

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Social Media Governance

Let us help you devise a policy that is not just protective, but empowering. We help you empower your people to manage social in a coordinated, accountable and responsible way for best results and lowest risk.

The road to failure is paved with good intentions. Perhaps you’ve already leapt into Social technology with every intention of getting to the establishment of guidelines, policies and processes. Or perhaps, like many of our clients, you have previously been fearful to enter the world of Social lest it expose you to a PR, internal HR or brand crisis, the thought of which breaks you (and us!) out in a cold sweat. The thing is, becoming a social business is not a reactive process. You don’t need to fear handing over some message control to your employees and customers. All you need is to have some simple guidelines, processes and policies in place.
KINSHIP enterprise have extensive experience creating such guidelines for organisations, as well as training employees how to hold conversations within social networks and helping organisations to remain compliant to regulatory requirements in their industries.
We understand the challenges you face, and can quickly and easily take the pain out of governance for you.
Our Social policy and guideline frameworks encourage your employees to participate as engaged employees but also:
  • Reminds them of their regulatory and financial responsibilities
  • Give workflow frameworks that ensure coordinated responsiveness and clarify responsibility
  • Deliver frameworks to measure social metrics and ROI
  • Plan for data retention and back-up for archiving evidentiary materials (just as you would with email).
If you’d like to sleep better at night, knowing for certain that your Social activity is protecting and not exposing your organisation’s assets,  Call us today

Training and staffing

We offer custom training and contract staff solutions for all of your social education needs – whether it’s a one-off program, or an ongoing consultancy and mentoring change piece.

KINSHIP enterprise offers a wide range of specifically tailored training workshops that deliver comprehensive exploration and hands on experience for business managers (from all industries) looking to up skill in all aspects of social media and technology including: 

  • Strategy development
  • Planning
  • Tools selection
  • Resources allocation
  • Organisational development
  • ROI calculation, and
  • Reporting and Analytics.

Our directors, trainers and workshop facilitators are all certified by the Social Media Academy, a top industry training organization based in Palo Alto, California.

Social Staffing Solutions

The Corporate Social Media team is a business program lead by KINSHIP enterprise social strategists that can be contracted to your business to achieve business success using social tools by coordinating with multiple business units across the enterprise.

Regardless of where your organisation is positioned in their social business journey the need to invest in the right people processes and technology is undeniable. KINSHIP enterprise can provide professionally trained staffing solutions to support your organisation and help define where spending on social business should be prioritised.

KINSHIP enterprise can provide you with any or all of the following: 

Social Strategist: The program leader for social business, responsible for overall vision and accountability towards investments.

Community Manager: Primarily outbound and customer-facing, this role is a trusted member of the community, serving as a liaison between the community and the brand.

Social Media Manager: Ongoing and project based management of Social media initiatives. This may include launching programs, managing campaigns, agency liaisons and managing team timelines.

Social Analyst: The social analyst is responsible for measurement and reporting across the entire program and for individual business units. Use of brand monitoring, social analytics, web analytics, and traditional marketing tools.

Web Developer: The web developer typically already exists at the company, yet provides dedicated assistance to help plan, brand, configure, and integrate social technologies as stand- alone efforts or into existing systems.

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