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  Effective actionable communications turn strategy into action.  
Turning strategy into action via Enterprise Social Networks.


For internal communication the real value of an Enterprise Social Networks is to Drive actions which reflect business strategy. Read more...

      Telligent emerges from Zimbra as a Verint company
      Retweet Report: The reckless stupidity and sheer bloody futility of data retention laws laid bare
      Telligent has emerged from being acquired and rebranded 2 years ago by Zimbra to become a Verint company
    Snowden, the whistle blower who spans the full hero/traitor dichotomy depending on your own personal bias, tweeted a link to a Getup page criticizing Australia's new-and demonstrably ludicrous dataretention-laws

    Throughout KINSHIP's long association with Telligent we've been able to re-affirm our initial reasons for carefully selecting  Telligent as a enterprise social network of  choice from among the many


    In the Tweet conversation there is also a link to a blog by Robin Doherty called "Your digital privacy ends this time next week" which contains a more extensive discussion about the kinds of data being retained

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