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  Insights on the Future of Work for businesses, employees and customers.  
The Future of Work is Social Business at Scale.


Rarely has the business conversation taken the time to engage the individual as an individual and then connect the individual to the group or the Enterprise. Read more ...

      How the social chain enables effective organizational change
      The Future of Work
      We've found that social technologies not only allow but demand more authentic and wide-spread participation -right from the start
    Jacob shows the raise of the freelancing economy, how it becomes the new normal and how the frontier between independent workers and employees is blurring

    McKinsey believed that #1 and the need for joint creation of the purpose and the "why" of change plays the  greatest role in sustaining the changes and the ongoing role of social technologies, followed by the analysis and development of effective social chains


    The future of work as described by Jacob Morgan is about entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship and is flexible in all it's dimensions. It's the response to an economic and sociological context, not only an unilateral decision from the employee pr the company

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