Boosting Employee Engagement with the Personal Social Dashboard

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  The role of transparency with employee dashboard.  
Boosting employee engagement with the Personal Social Dashboard.


The IBM Personal Social Dashboard is derived from bigdata captured by Connections, the IBM enterprise collaboration solution. Read more ...

      From Old Work to New Work - from silos to flow.
      How Appreciative Inquiry facilitates New Work.
      The idea of flow in business is not new. The Old Work sees flow as the absence of waste but the New Work -  in the age of social - sees flow as the discovery and the experience of community.
    Big Mountain's Health Team's visionary Exec Leader Bob Silver called in the Emotional Economy at Work to facilitate an Appreciative Inquiry Summit (AI) between the team and selected customers on how to turn a crisis into a new opportunity to innovate from strengths

    The New Work in enterprises is to morph the culture and the experience from silo and part to the experience of being part of a Community of Belonging and Purpose.


    The team identified significant emotional benefits and customer service pay offs, including a new way of working together, decrease stress in staff members, releases hope and innovation around doing things better, increases energy and commitment to a shared future and sets up for growth.

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