Jeremy Scrivens Appreciative Inquiry Luncheon Melbourne Feb 2014

Our February 2014 Melbourne Business Leader Luncheon features Jeremy Scrivens discussing Appreciative Inquiry. The topic: "How to take advantage of social media to innovate & grow your business without the risks". In this luncheon event, Jeremy will introduce business leaders to why and how they can take advantage of social media to develop a "macro" strategy to grow the business and manage risk.

WHEN:    Thursday February 27th, 12 Midday for 12:15 Finish 1:15pm. Welcome to remain until 2:30.
WHERE:   RACV Club, 501 Bourke St, Melbourne
HASHTAG:  Tweets for this event use #smshift for shifting to positive focus with social media

We live in an exciting time in which progressive businesses are proving the value of connecting their people and customers via social media to together innovate new products, services and markets, resulting in business growth and high employee and customer engagement.

Yet many businesses are struggling to understand the business of social media. Indeed, many businesses have chosen to block the use of social media for fear of bad things happening such as bullying, loss of reputation or disclosure of confidential information. In these businesses, "C Level" executives are spending more and more of their time and focus on managing risk rather than releasing innovation and sustainable growth through the new platforms of "macro" collaboration and Appreciative Inquiry*. When you underpin these macro capabilities with sound governance frameworks, you have a sweet spot that enables business leaders to rebalance their energy and to align the talents of their people on building the business and innovating, rather than managing risk and compliance programs.

 The role of a leader is to align strengths thereby making the weaknesses in your business irrelevant 
Peter Drucker

In order for this to happen, it is important to shift the management lens from one of seeing social media as a problem to be avoided, or as an issue for risk managers, to an opportunity to grow the business through innovation based on the alignment and collaboration of strengths and talent to create shared, sustainable futures for the business and stakeholders.

Topics will include:

  • Examples of where and how social media is being used to grow business and innovate;
  • How to create a social media strategy, culture and practice to bring out the best in your people, not the worst, including Gens Y & Z. (Now is the time to prepare for this exciting group of people who have the potential to contribute more to business through ‘macro’ enabled collaboration at work than any previous group before them);
  • How to engage the strengths and talents of your people collaborating through social media to create shared value through Appreciative Inquiry, or AI, the most powerful large group change process available to business today; and,
  • How to manage the residual business risk in your social media strategy (e.g. cyber bullying, privacy and brand reputation) by building a Culture of Kindness.
About Jeremy Testimonials from Sydney Luncheon

“I enjoyed Jeremy Scrivens discussion on Appreciative Enquiry from KINSHIP enterprise. I believe it harnessed some good old-fashioned and proven principles of human relationships with a contemporary and clearly effective model for the future. If you're a leader or manager of a business who wants to harness the passion and skills of your people I'd recommend you hear what he has to say.” Duncan Wakes-Miller, CEO Core

"I'd just like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the Appreciative Enquiry lunch that I attended. Not only was the guest speaker Jeremy Scrivens brilliant, entertaining and thought provoking, but the calibre of people that surrounded me at the lunch made this even more enjoyable. Oh, and did I mention the awesome food & wine? Simply couldn't top that for a business lunch. I would highly recommend any future events like this one to anyone." Lynton Manuel, CoverMore

"The Appreciative Inquiry event was both insightful and thought provoking. Jeremy was engaging and the KINSHIP team's case studies discussed throughout the event were instrumental in highlighting the critical steps for success in pursuing this approach." Charles Weiser,
Jeremy ScrivensWith over 3 decades of experience, since the turn of the century Jeremy has been coaching leaders of corporations, enterprises and communities in Australia, NZ and Asia Pacific, to move from micro management problem solving and replace with the principles and practices of macro-management; leading their organisations as collaborative ecosystems which elevate, connect and extend their individual and corporate strengths in order to innovate and grow.

Jeremy coaches leaders how to use social media to innovate by creating networks of global talent who experience extraordinary meaning and contribution as they work and live by the principles of the new social business: openness, collaboration, transparency and sharing. Twitter @jeremyscrivens

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