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Appreciative Inquiry References & Sources related to the KINSHIP enterprise February 27th Business Leader Luncheon with Jeremy Scrivens.

Topic: How to take advantage of social media to innovate & grow your business without the risks

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Videos - Introduction to Appreciative Inquiry

Published on Jan 18, 2013 - As part of USAID's Thought Leaders in Learning Speakers Series, David Cooperrider spoke to an audience of international development practitioners on how an Appreciative Inquiry approach to strategic planning can catalyze positive organizational transformation.

An overview of Appreciative Inquiry by David Cooperrider

Remarkable story by David Cooperrider on business as an agent for world benefit – the sustainability revolution enabled by Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry at Blue Sky Catering - The story of my personal journey from focusing on problems in business to discovering & extending strengths – Jeremy Scrivens

Jackie Helm gives an overview of Appreciative Inquiry Summits

John Hayes – Professor of Management – Leeds UK gives his own perspectives on Appreciative Inquiry

Principles for Engaging People to Contribute in Business Change & Social Media

Margaret Wheatley had developed a set of powerful principles and accompanying principles for engaging people in business / organisation / community change; which can be applied to social media

Principle: People Support What They Help Create

Principle: People Act Responsibly When They Care

Principle: Conversation Is the Way Human Beings Have Always Thought

Principle: We Focus On What Works and It Releases Our Creative Energy

 Principle: The Wisdom Resides Within Us

Principle: Humans Can Handle Anything As Long As We’re Together

Focus on Culture first

Don Tapscott, Professor of Management at Toronto University,  is a leading authority on the future of social media as the vehicle for global social production. He believes that principles and values are where we start i.e. focus on building a culture before building your social media strategy.

Four Principles for the Digital Age

MacroWikinomics Murmuration

Appreciative Inquiry – Case Studies / Real Stories

Appreciative Inquiry Summit at Fairmont Minerals

Appreciative Inquiry at Hunter Douglas

Appreciative Inquiry at SA Mushrooms  - Jeremy Scrivens

Part 1

Part 2

Employee Engagement

The Surprising Thing About What Motivates Us

This video by Daniel Pink is powerful for constructing a ‘generic’ Appreciative Inquiry around engagement / contribution

Positive Engagement at Work  by Jeremy Scrivens

The Three Types of Employees at Work- Contributors, Compliant & Subversive

Adaptive Leadership

Ronald Heifetz is a thought-leader in adaptive leadership

The nature of adaptive leadership

A film about Adaptive Leadership developed for use in Leadership Theory

Hugh O'Doherty - Applying Adaptive Leadership Around the World

Natural Talents or Strengths Discovery & Profiling

The Day That Bob & Mary Were Liberated to Be Who They Really Are  Thomas Scrivens

Part 1

Part 2

2nd Generation Strengths Based Quality, Business Process Management, Lean & Six Sigma

The first video in the world to talk about the "2nd Generation" approach to business process improvement   David Shaked

Papers on Appreciative Inquiry & Positive Organisations

Note: The following papers are PDFs which you can download.

The Concentration Effect of Strengths David Cooperrider

Building on What Works at Blue Sky Catering   Jeremy Scrivens

Liberating Contribution at Freshest Fruits   Jeremy Scrivens

The Story of Aligning Strengths at Fastest Freight    Jeremy Scrivens

Positive Change at Big Mountain Shire   Jeremy Scrivens

We Can't Get On Together with Suspicious Minds Jeremy Scrivens

Aligning Business Strategy to Release Natural Talents at Creative Accounting   Jeremy Scrivens

State of the Global Workplace 2013  Gallup


The Thin Book of Appreciative Inquiry   Sue Hammond

Strength Based Lean Six Sigma: Building Positive and Engaging Business Improvement  David Shaked

Blog Posts

Employee Contribution - Part 1 - We Can't Go On Together with Suspicious Minds

Social Media: The Opportunity to Engage People to Contribute

How Enterprise Social Enables Appreciative Inquiry

The Story of a Kind Leader who Engaged his People to Contribute

Social Media Appreciative Inquiry Series - 4 Posts

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