Why promote the adoption and use of best practices in ESN deployments

One answer to this question is obvious: employing a method or program that’s been tested and found to be successful increases the chances that YOU will accomplish your ESN goals, and that life will therefore be better for the employees who participate.

Six other reasons ESN best practice makes sense

There are, however, further reasons why the use of a best practice can be advantageous, namely;
  1. Using a recognised best practice makes it easier to justify the work. If an organisation or initiative is starting from scratch, the community – and especially potential participants – may be justifiably sceptical about what it’s doing. Demonstrating that it’s using a practice that has been shown to be effective can relieve at least some of that scepticism and gain support.
  2. Using recognised best practices can bolster the credibility of an organisation. It shows not only that the organization is using a tested process, but that it has been thinking ahead and conducting research to make sure it’s doing the best job possible.
  3. Using best practices can make it easier to get funding. Funders look more favourably on proposals that can demonstrate proven success.
  4. Using a best practice removes a lot of the guesswork from planning. Employing a program or method whose structure and process are carefully documented makes it easier to set up and implement, and increases the chances that it will go smoothly.
  5. If the originators of the practice are known, and might be available to consult on how to best implement it, then they can troubleshoot when there’s difficulty, or help to adjust it to fit the community or population.
  6. Most importantly – and most obvious – we know that best practices work. They've been shown to provide the changes in behaviour or conditions and the outcomes we're interested in.
Before the program of work envisaged begins is the appropriate time to review best practice. It’s easier to incorporate or adopt a practice for something new than to superimpose it on a program or intervention that’s already up and running. Using a best practice starts a new operation out on the right foot.

In previous blogs KINSHIP has defined the best practice in employing social initiates, social technologies and communities within the enterprise.

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