Enterprise Social Vision Statement

Today, social is integrated with existing strategies to augment existing business objectives. Companies adopt social applications, such as in support and digital marketing, to change how they deliver value to their customers. One of the most commonly told stories is around support and using social software to take advantage of the common pattern of allowing peers and customers to influence decisions.

There are many well-established and valuable use cases, however, these efforts are typically led at a departmental level and are not integrated across the company. One of the trends that KINSHIP anticipates is a corporate-led approach and strategy to social. The value-add is not social tools, but an integrated strategy with the existing enterprise investments the organisation has already made. There is tremendous value in leveraging these existing investments.

KINSHIP believes the future revolves around social woven into the corporate strategy as reflected below.


Business Outcomes:

In KINSHIP's experience there are three major outcomes when social woven into the corporate strategy, namely:

1. Business Innovation and Growth

In today’s economy, it’s grow or die. Enterprise Social Networks (ESNs) are centralised forums that enable employees to collaborate, share knowledge, share ideas and augment Intellectual Property easily – right across the organisation.

ESNs therefore help your people to make better-informed decisions, to innovate products and services, improve processes and efficiencies, gain greater insights through listening and following.

KINSHIP enterprise has delivered these benefits and more to large organisations across the Asia-Pacific region

2. People Attraction, Retention and Productivity

Using an effective ESN, you can fix knowledge gaps quickly and communicate important information immediately in a format that is engaging and relevant to your employees. You can reduce unnecessary meetings, increase responsiveness, leverage employee feedback and measure employee sentiment, share and capture key information for future success and more.

The result: an empowering, communicative culture that translates into employee achievement and progression.

3. Cost Reduction

ESNs are shown now to reduce R&D expenses and consulting costs, reduce the time wasted by employees searching for the right information, reduction of opportunity costs associated with wasted time on information gathering and more. Meanwhile, productivity, innovation through collaboration and engagement of your employees is soaring.  

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