Boosting Employee Engagement With The Personal Social Dashboard

How to boost employee collaboration and engagement through enterprise social networks is the missing link in most organisations. The Personal Social Dashboard enables individuals to understand and boost their own social reputation and performance.

Personal Social Dashboard

When Ed Brill flashed up his Personal Social Dashboard at Inform 2015 it caught people's attention if for no other reason than it had a particular parameter called Social Eminence which rated Ed at 100%!

Brilliant, but what did it mean? It turns out that it is a small but important part of the effort to help employees and managers understand how to create better engagement - the holy grail of enterprise social network return on investment.

You know the story - the ESN has been implemented, it is used by enthusiasts, in a few isolated business areas to help them with their work, and by Corporate Communications to push out "important messages" as a kind of high-powered Intranet. The 64-dollar question is how to improve engagement, and to know what drives engagement.

The bare analytics are one measure, but they don't tell the story of context. Context analytics are another measure, but they don't mash with the bare analytics. It's difficult to know which people are engaged around the superficial flow of information and which around getting work done. The Dashboard opens the window on who is connecting effectively about what and why.

Ed Brill IBM Personal Social Dashboard

The IBM Personal Social Dashboard is derived from bigdata captured by Connections, the IBM enterprise collaboration solution (and important to note that it can potentially include data from other systems of engagement or from 3rd party ESN analytics).

They key driver is to provide a real-time scorecard for  employees and management to better understand their role in the social network and learn how to increase their impact through growing their network, knowledge, reputation, and social capital. The idea is that by providing transparency and evidence (the indicators driving the scores) every employee will not only understand where they stand and how to improve but they will be able to see the results of their actions in realtime. This is the kind of feedback which motivates further change and improvement. 

Social Eminence

The Dashboard helps people understand how their activity is being consumed and how they are perceived by their colleagues – something they generally are unaware of. And now we come to the Eminence score - "eminence" is a form of social reputation, in this case the KPI represents reflects the volume of people trying to interact with you and your content – following you, sharing files with you, etc. Ed Brill clearly has a high social reputation and is sharing valuable content.

In total the Dashboard gives individuals four scores - Activity, Reaction, Eminence, and Network.

All scores are relative inside the organization, the four KPIs are:

  1. Activity is a score that goes up or down depending on how active you are;
  2. Reaction on your content takes into account likes, reads, shares, comments, and so on;
  3. Eminence reflects the amount of people trying to interact with you and your content – following you, sharing files with you, etc; and,
  4. Network scoring indicates how many followers and colleagues you have.

An individual can drill-down into each KPI (see the tabs in the image above) and gain a clear understanding of which of their actions are driving their scores, and adjust their social activity. Through this feedback people are better able to grow their skills, reputation, value, and impact within the organisation, and the organisation as a whole becomes more effective.


For those who are motivated to increase their digital presence within an organisation the Dashboard gives effective and timely feedback on how people are reacting to them and what they are sharing - helping them see whether they are on the right track. For those seeking to help others become more socially engaged the Dashboard provides new insights to enable success stories to be identified and extracted and shared.


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