Business as a Community of Purpose and Belonging

Social Business - The Future of Work Series Part 4 of 11. The Future of Work is Business as a Community of Purpose and Belonging. If Appreciative Inquiry (AI) Summits are providing the disruptive face-to-face experience in depth of the power of OPEN INNOVATION, an Enterprise Social Network (ESN) will extend and continue this experience for those participants who attend such positive disruptive events. The combination of AI with social technologies means that working together becomes a sustainable process beyond the event.  ESN's enable new ways of continuously disrupting and collaborating with ever more parts of the system working on "wholeness" AT SCALE

The focus of new work is conversation and doing more with more

Mike Green, CEO of KINSHIP, talks about the characteristics of the new Social Business Enterprises which will shape the future of work. Interestingly, Mike, who himself leads his business group through the lens of Abundance, calls the emerging new Social Businesses "World-Class Communities".

Mike identifies the 9 Components of World-Class Communities as:

  1. Identifiable business objectives;
  2. An emphasis on being personal;
  3. A culture of belonging;
  4. Major source of relevant content;
  5. Leverages the wisdom of the crowd;
  6. Influential members are highlighted;
  7. Reward with pixels;
  8. Establish and enforce guidelines;
  9. Membership has its privilege.  

In reading Mike’s excellent post , what struck me is that we are moving beyond the idea of community with the focus only on practice, but moving to a new understanding of the Future of Work as a Community of Purpose built from its Positive Core and as a Community of Belonging - to which people feel profoundly and emotionally connected. 

Blue Water’s ESN will enable collaboration and communication through modern social technologies supporting a shared vision or purpose or beliefs of a group who are drawn to collaborate AT SCALE to co-create SOCIAL GOOD for the city’s waterways. The ESN will generate new information and insight, and allow people to do something they’ve done since the beginning of time - talk to one another and collaborate for social good but also to experience being part of a deeper, connected community doing life together.

The ESN will be the hub that sits behind the "at scale connections" within an ecosystem engaged in co-creating and co-sharing for significant ecosystem benefit. The Blue Water Social Business ESN platform will be just that – it is about being social - about people taking a journey together but a journey with emotional purpose. It is about using the connections and interactions of a social network in order to share and make together - not just consume.

This has the potential to take the first chapter of Blue Water’s Social Business story to a level of evolution beyond the pure document sharing ways of using information technologies in the past. We used to talk about knowledge management but now the potential is for knowledge sharing for social production.

As with AI Summits, ESN's open up the conversations to the crowd as opposed to keeping them within silos 

As with AI Summits, ESN's open up the conversations to the crowd as opposed to keeping them separated.  With Blue Water’s ESN, users will have a faster route to meaningful information, an easier way to communicate with and learn from others and to share and co-create new knowledge. They feel part of a collaborative community and experience more fun and engage in more imaginative ways to stay connected within their new shared relationships. within silos

Join Jeremy and also futurist Ross Dawson (keynote) in February 2015 at a Future of Work lunch.

Jeremy Scrivens is a Guest Blogger, Work Futurist, and Principal of The Emotional Economy at Work and a collaboration partner with Kinship around Social Business. Jeremy works with us at Kinship to design Positive Social Business Cultures to assist our clients to capitalise on the incredible new social technologies and global opportunities available for collaboration, business growth, sustainability and meaning. He is also a global player on Social Media, with a growing reputation as a thought leader and consultant on the future of work in the digital Age. @JeremyScrivens Connect on Linkedin.


SOCIAL BUSINESS - The Future of Work Blog Series

In this 11 part blog series, Jeremy Scrivens tells the story of Blue Water Utility as it is transforms from a traditional single Enterprise managing in part to a global Social Business engaged with its Ecosystem in Wholeness for Social Good. Jeremy explores how this 160 year old institution experienced a taste of the Future of Work where the parts are brought back together to experience wholeness, engaging more and more strengths across the full ecosystem to do Open Business together. Blue Water invested in a first-up series of Appreciative Inquiry Summits - a powerful experience of Positive Disruption and Open Innovation which created a ‘startup’ co-creative community collaborating from the Whole. By so doing, Blue Water began the journey to becoming a Social Business.

Social Business connects and engages more talents and strengths to collaborate to do more with more at scale; it brings more parts of the whole together to co-design a better future. The more strengths that are connected into the conversation, the more innovation for social good is possible. We now have the advent of macro, open, holistic technologies such as Appreciative Inquiry (AI) and Enterprise Social Network Technologies such as IBM Verse which makes collaboration at scale both possible and sustainable. Underpinning everything in a growing Social Business with global impact is a Positive Social Culture, where members are engaged intrinsically from the heart to contribute all their hands, their head and their heart for social good; to share, to give and treat other kindly and with respect online in the new age of Social Business - the Future of Work. 

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